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Creating MP3 Decoder

A while ago I wrote in created for the Series 60 MP3 player program. I have received a lot about the MP3 decoder and the message used in Symbian. Here using Symbian in MAD (MPEG audio decoder library) use to solve the problem.


For Symbian 7.0 smartphones can play through the MMF in the MP3, but if your phone does not support MP3 decode, or if you want your receiver decode MP3. Here I will demonstrate how to use Symbian in the MAD (MPEG audio decoder, libmad) usage.

Why MAD? Because it is a high-quality MPEG audio decoder, and it has been tested through the ARM (ie, different computers, and handheld MP3 can use it). The MAD transplanted to Symbian.

MAD to get source, will need the following documents:

? Inc

o D.dat

o imdct_s.dat

o qc_table.dat

o rq_table.dat

o sf_table.dat

o bit.h

o config.h

o decoder.h

o fixed.h

o frame.h

o global.h

o huffman.h

o layer12.h

o layer3.h

o mad.h

o stream.h

o synth.h

o timer.h

o version.h

? Src

o bit.c

o decoder.c

o fixed.c

o frame.c

o huffman.c

o layer12.c

o layer3.c

o stream.c

o synth.c

o timer.c

o version.c

o imdct_l_arm.S

Fixed static function / variable non-static. (Variable can be converted to "static const").

Edit mad.h,, for the device object and FPM_DEFAULT defined FPM_ARM. If your compiler does not support WINS big inline, need to do:

# Ifndef__WINS__


# Endif

Layer3.c III_decode function may cause a stack error, that is, the string:

mad_fixed_t xr [2] [576];

You can allocate memory for the variable or (in the case of a simple procedure) to use for the WINS target tips, home into a static variable. In the real machine it is running properly.

imdct_l_arm.S is optimized for ARMI, use it to add its header (function III_imdct_l).

# Ifndef __WINS__

void III_imdct_l (mad_fixed_t const X [18], mad_fixed_t z [36], unsigned int block_type);

# Else


void III_imdct_l (mad_fixed_t const X [18], mad_fixed_t z [36], unsigned int block_type)

Attention! Optimized imdct_l_arm not THUMB compile, so just ARMI object is used.

Creating MP3 Decoder Dynamic Link Library

Using the MP3 decoder is the best way to DLL, you can compile one or effective number, there is no platform for special events. So use ETTYPE. As libmad to epoc32includelibc join in the MM file SYSTEMINCLUDE. If you want to use the optimized III_imdct_l function, added to the MMP:

# If! Defined (WINS)

SOURCE imdct_l_arm.S

# Endif

Similarly to bld.inf: (So imdct_l_arm on the THUMB compiler)



If iii_decode function for the stack error in the WINS database using the tips and not _chkstk, need to add it (empty void _chkstk ()):

In order to use the program DLL, add the function.

You can use the MP3 decoder based madplay the main loop:

Read file to buffer

MP3 decoding structure

Applied Filters

Synthesis of decoding to PCM samples

PCM samples to re-take

Filter most of the Symbian smartphones do not support stereo playback, so here you can implement a single voice synthesis. And can use the balancer.

Frequency does not need to do unnecessary calculations, if the frequency is greater than the required flow of current frames, the frequency of the half, after applying filter change frames options:


Editors compile the procedure using GCC 3. According to my tests it's GCC 2.95 than the average 20% faster decoder. Do not forget the MAD in the GNU General Public License version 2 is licensed under.

Hope that the article can help you, and welcome to write notes or valuable opinions.

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ICP license issue processing

Why should apply ICP license?

According to The People's Republic of China State Council Order No. 291, "PRC Telecommunications Regulations," No. 292 "Internet Information Services", the state to provide Internet information services, ICP license system. Thus, ICP license permits a Web site management, business operations must apply for ICP license, otherwise is illegal. Therefore, the processing ICP card is legitimate business needs of corporate website.

鈥?How to determine the site is commercial or non commercial?

State Council Order No. 292 under "Internet Information Services" and "On the Internet information service for licensing and registration of the notice", operating mainly refers to the use of ICP-line advertising, on behalf of the web pages, letting the server memory space, hosting, paid provide specific information content, e-commerce and other Internet application services revenue by way of the ICP.

路 ICP Registration Certificate and Business Hongdun 315 What is the relationship?

ICP license issued by the Authority throughout the communications, provided the rights of legitimate business websites; Hongdun 315 registered from all over the business management department, to protect the legitimate rights of domain name.

* How to apply for ICP license?

Please contact your local communications authority consultation process.

* Under what circumstances to apply for BBS?

BBS or electronic bulletin board services, is the Internet electronic bulletin board, whiteboard, electronic forums, chat rooms, message boards and other interactive forms of information dissemination for the Internet users with the conditions of the act.
If your site offers more than electronic bulletin board services, BBS must apply for special applications.

* The virtual host have BBS, the need to apply with BBS's?
Yes, please contact your local communications authority consultation process


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AMD expects Q4 revenue to fall about 25%

United States

ZDNET: Microsoft said the first quarter of next year, Windows 7 Beta 1

Of the recent release of the specific date of Windows 7 rumors, Microsoft said it will launch the first quarter of next year, Windows 7 Beta 1.

According to foreign media reports, a Microsoft employee had a recent blog, Windows 7 Beta 1, said a specific launch date is not yet clear, but be sure, Microsoft will be the end of December to be held between mid-January MSDN Developers Conference launched.

Another employee named Keith Combs said, Windows 7 Beta 1 next year on January 13 debut.

In response, Microsoft on Tuesday released a public statement, said that Windows 7 Beta 1 will be launched first quarter of next year.

Held in late October of this year's Professional Developers Conference (Professional Developers Conference) and early November of Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (Windows Hardware Engineering Conference), Microsoft has introduced for the participants to the forecast version of Windows 7.

CNET: AMD expects fourth quarter revenue will decline about 25%

AMD warned Thursday, as consumers demand lower than the impact of the performance of the company, AMD in the fourth quarter of fiscal revenues will be significantly lower than previously expected.

According to foreign media reports, AMD expects its fourth-quarter revenue will be 1.19 billion, compared with about 25% decline in third quarter

AMD announced in October its third-quarter revenue of 1.59 billion U.S. dollars. At that time, AMD expects fourth quarter revenue will be flat with this figure.

In the past two years, AMD a total loss of 5.6 billion U.S. dollars. Last month, AMD released layoff plan, the company plans to lay off 500 of its global workforce, or about 3%.

AMD plans will be January 22, 2009 release of its 2008 fourth quarter earnings.

CNET: Yahoo's advanced search experts Lu Qi will serve as Microsoft's digital sector executives

Recently there is news that Yahoo search experts Lu Qi former senior will serve as Microsoft's digital sector executives.

According to foreign media reports, the sources said, the appointments announced as early as next Monday. Currently, the appointment details have not yet baked. As Miss Church is more than proficient in search technology sales and management, so Microsoft is considering whether to Miss Church with a senior management staff. In this regard, Microsoft advertising and publishing solution Brian McAndrews, senior vice president, was considered good alternate candidate.

Lu Qi as Microsoft's digital department officials, will directly manage Microsoft's search, portal and advertising platform, MSN and search and other products.

alleyinsider: Yahoo, AOL early as next week to complete the merger by the end of appointment of new CEO

Thursday news that Yahoo's chairman Luo Yibo Story grams (Roy Bostock) Yahoo and AOL, have been identified as early as next week to complete the merger transaction, the company will this month to appoint a new CEO.

According to foreign media reports, "The Wall Street Journal" editorial 鍗℃媺鏂煢浠?Seoul (Kara Swisher) Thursday published an article called, Bostock said Yahoo would have been the end of the year to determine the new CEO candidates. In addition, Bostock also implied that, regardless of whether the new CEO in place, do the companies have merged with AOL to prepare. This message will be announced next week the earliest.

Siweishener said impede merger between Yahoo and AOL is the main reason for the price.

It is reported that a bid for Yahoo since the hope that Time Warner has been holding combined 20% stake in the new company, but Time Warner wants to hold one-third of the shares. At current prices, 20% and one-third of the shares are worth three billion U.S. dollars and 50 billion dollars.

Currently, Yahoo's board of directors of the new target candidates, including News Corp. CEO COO 褰煎緱璋㈠皵灏?(Peter Chernin), the former AOL executive Qiaoenmile (Jon Miller), former eBay CEO Meg Whitman (Meg Whitman) Former Yahoo COO 涓圭綏妫淮鏍?(Dan Rosensweig) and former Microsoft executive, Juniper Networks CEO Kevin Johnson (Kevin Johnson) and so on.

Before the new CEO businessmen, Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang still held the post. After, he will remain in the Yahoo board, and return to its chief Yahoo! Post.


Reuters: AT & T plans to cut 12,000 people started the end of

U.S. carrier AT & T said Thursday, in response to the global financial crisis due to a sharp decline in the mobile phone market, the company plans to lay off 12,000 people, representing about 4% of its workforce.

According to foreign media reports, AT & T said that the current economic crisis, the company had to cut back on spending. From AT & T plans into effect in December this year, this redundancy scheme, and will be until the year 2009. The company will set aside the fourth quarter of this year, 600 million U.S. dollars as a severance payment.

Meanwhile, AT & T also plans to fiscal 2008 levels to reduce the overall fiscal year 2009, capital expenditures, the details will be announced next January.

As more and more consumers now turn to cheaper wireless or cable and Internet services, phone companies have also intensified the price war. AT & T believes that given the current economic pressure to change the business mix and streamlining the organizational structure is essential. This year in April, AT & T announced the layoffs in its fixed-line sector 4650 people, 1.5% of its workforce, about the majority of retrenched workers in the management of personnel.

Credit Suisse analyst Chris Larsen is expected, AT & T's capital spending in 2009 will reach 17 billion U.S. dollars, compared with 2008, down 12 percentage points.

Thursday afternoon, AT & T in New York Stock Exchange fell 2.5 percent, to close at 28.36 U.S. dollars.

Reuters: Nokia issue a second warning that mobile phone sales fell more than expected

Nokia said Thursday, as consumers cut spending, the global mobile phone sales decline was more than expected. This is the company's issued within three weeks of the second warning.

According to foreign media reports, Nokia's Chief Financial Officer Rick Simonson said: "Consumers in all regions worldwide is to cut its spending, which makes us once again issued a warning."

Nokia expects the global mobile phone sales in the fourth quarter will be lower than previously expected 330 million, sales will drop at least 5%. Nokia said that although sales fell, but the company's market share is on the rise.

Nokia did not cut their sales forecasts. The company said that as of January next year, before the earnings release, the company will not issue more money in the reports or financial expectations.

Thursday afternoon, Nokia's stock exchange in the New Zealand dollar rose to 13.84 U.S. dollars 54 cents, or 4%.

guardian: Viacom announced 850 job cuts cost saving 250 million U.S. dollars

The third-largest U.S. media company Viacom (Viacom) Thursday announced that as part of a plan to cut costs, the company plans to lay off 850 people.

According to foreign media reports, Viacom said it planned to cut its global staff numbers about 7% of the total number of 12,300 people.

Viacom will be included in the fourth quarter of this fiscal year from four hundred million to 450 million U.S. dollars in restructuring charges. The company expects the job cuts planned in 2009 to save 250 million U.S. dollars in capital expenditures.

Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman said: "We are moving quickly to take measures to adapt to the current economic crisis, the adverse situation. Reorganization plan will enable us to be more calm in face of economic crisis, which helps drive our business market stability and improved conditions. "


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Work life: makes the most incredible 28 career Quotations

, Mr. Huai Great Masters, presented for the five general conditions: the same robust cattle, dogs, like the abject (that resilient), as the cunning fox, monkeys, like the clever devil charm. (In fact, every boss is a general ah.)

3, Yan Kai, and: "first-class entrepreneurs, life does not work, second-class entrepreneurs, a man has to work, third-entrepreneurs do not do people only do things."

"First-class businessmen are smart thicker Road, second-rate businessmen are fine Minga smart, third-rate businessmen are honest and kind thickening Road."

"Do first-class enterprise culture, second-rate company to do the brand, third-rate company to do projects." "Chinese are everywhere gold" - Yan Kai and business entrepreneurs how to make a profit on the how.

4, "Financial scattered people together, people loose money together", which is Niu Gensheng's signature dishes. His current practice is to determine their own shares after the death of all donated to "Old Niu Foundation." Before that, Niu Gensheng is often said: "My mother gave me education, and she asked me the two things I will never forget, one is' To know, to make an upside down ', and the other one is' disadvantage is a blessing, taking advantage of a curse '. "

"The world is not the right person in the world, not the rich world, but caring people in the world. 'Conscientious' good 'three' A: Things do potential, market making."

5, major companies collectively to Africa to see elephants, can just look boring, so let the elephant who Gates said after the first cry laughing, crying and laughing rerun the last two steps give who one hundred million dollars! At this time, children in China PwC's buddies come very confident in front of the elephant, said: "I was PricewaterhouseCoopers." Elephant cry, because even the elephants are aware of common Chinese work hard. Then he and the elephant said: "But this time I came to the number of elephants in Africa." Elephant music, because the style is vain 46 PricewaterhouseCoopers, thanks to the audit to eat. Finally, he told the elephant said: "I intend to move to Africa a few elephants back to the company." The results scared the elephant turned around and ran away crying while ... ...

6, two cannibals to IBM to work, the boss said: "If you eat in the company who flew fired!" In three months, we get along, suddenly one day the boss called the office of these two people cursed meal: " TMD, that you do not eat people you still eat, you do not come to work tomorrow! "pack up and leave the two cannibals IBM, to go and another one can not help but curse:" told you how many times, do not eat children's work people, three months we ate a manager every day, what did not, yesterday you ate a cleaner, today they found it! "

7, Tongji University Faculty of Law final exam: "cite note the legal term for the 'law' and 'legal' What is the difference?" A female student replied: "Of course different, if I told my mother, my boyfriend is' lawyer ', she will be very happy; if I say boyfriend is' Master', She'll kill me! "

8, returned overseas personnel referred to as sea turtles, but now competition for employment, work is not so good looking, a lot of overseas students returning to unemployment, so now out of new words - kelp. The returnees have no place to play, made a pirated merchant, called pirates. Another said that because the talents are not to worry white hair, we actually asked him to father the sea. Well, too messy.

9, always cutting people, referred to as president; kept a straight face, so that the boss; often ignore people, and often makes no sense, is called the manager.

- New Solutions for Business jobs.

10, the Ministry of Personnel reviews the profound meaning: 1. General Staff (not too smart); 2. Exceptionally well (currently not making mistakes); 3. Good at social (drink); 4. Observation capability (often snitch ); 5. working attitude enthusiasm (stubborn); 6. quick-witted (to quickly find an excuse); 7. aggressive up (regular please eat); 8. complex logic clear job (can work onto others); 9. judgment strong (I'm Feeling Lucky); 10. ambition (secretly evil); 11. easy-going man (ready to dismiss); 12. exemplary staff (to work on time); 13. good release of stress (work doze off) ; 14. the work of the first (ugly was no one around); 15. Ability to work independently Strong (who do not know what he was doing); 16. long-term perspective (always delay).

11, your r茅sum茅 may be turned in when you just been thrown into the trash, your card may be used to wrap chewing gum ... ... even a love letter, it may be lost in the wind, was publicly read, being laughed at, being ignored, being thrown into the trash can, be used as a paper airplane ... ... love is a human life one of the most precious things in this world there are hundreds of millions of love in the event, but a better chance of love How high? In our planet, many people suffer and love of people leaving, and hate the pain of those who gathered, so many people because of love into hate, many people experience romance, divorce, love ... ... the chances are good and not high, let alone sell, job too! (From "You are millions of crack troops")

12, university graduates are looking for is just a job, rather than professional, and certainly not the cause.

- The first held in Beijing China University Students Career Forum, the experts agreed that the employment of college graduates should lower their expectations when, well from the blue-collar, gray collar and began to psychological preparation.

13, they thought MBA is like a beauty salon, read MBA, will come out radiant, reborn.

- That experts fear is: MBA in China has been simplified to increase paid promotion.

14, eight people, nine points to use, great treatment.

- Yin Mingshan, chairman of Lifan Group, to stay on private enterprises should live.

15, iron rice bowl is not the true meaning of life in a place to eat rice, but a life where to have food to eat.

- Network circulated a post.

16, it was said that teachers "get up earlier than the chickens, donkeys than did the worst, worse than pig eat, sleep later than miss, but still difficult today than beggars." Although some extreme, but it caused great Most teachers think deeply and resonance! ! ! "Families with two bucket food, improper child king!

17 ambition to be hidden well, in a big way to tell the whole world of people, you have to get on boss's job, this is tantamount to colleagues, and even your boss a declaration of war. --- Corporate CEOs to hear ambitious subordinates no choice but to remind, after

18, third-rate company to sell labor, second-tier companies to sell products, leading the company to sell technology, superior standards of corporate sales. --- Communications sector is a saying popular

19, at the end of the time, the boss bonus, when he gave me a pack of red packets, when a sudden emotion, said the sentence: "I could not bear to give you, ah!!!"

20, the boss manager summed up in six months at the appeal: not good, to be able to rob his money!

21, the hardest thing in the world to do business, let other people willing to give you his pocket Qiantaochulai; the easiest thing in the world official, you move move your mouth, people Paoduan Tui!

22, once said to me one bit boss remark: you get used to your boss, your boss can not expect to meet you. Is called a "heartfelt words" because he is the boss sit down to this golden rule position, and this sentence is the pet phrase of his former boss.

23, "I drink it for the boss, for the people to drink" - drink driving penalties for drivers to accept traffic police said.

24, for the recently launched by China Unicom to do the image of Jay's grandfather spokesman, called the "grandson was playing M-Zone" campaign, China Mobile immediate response, they claimed that the father has signed Yao Ming, will soon launch a large-scale publicity, "the son of the new time and space, I pass the world "slogan. Then, China Unicom to hire 82-year-old newlywed Prof Yang spokesperson for the new image, the slogan was: "I can!" China Mobile to fight back, immediately asked Yang's wife Weng Fan spokesperson for the new image, slogan: "You can not, I rivers and lakes can call you !炉炉炉"( rumors)

25, "Director of the 'rule of China'" - the Director of National People's Congress Management Department of the evaluation.

26, Ten hateful boss mantra

Following the mantra of some corporate CEOs extent by hateful ordered from low to high:

What if I will be the tenth sentence, but also why do you

The ninth sentence of the contract are lies

Eighth sentence within the company are not allowed to fall in love

You how stupid the seventh sentence

I do not see the process of the sixth sentence of the results only re-

Young people talk about dedicated fifth sentence

The fourth sentence as long as the money, Dr. Master gave me the same wage

The third sentence would you do it, do not leave

The second sentence is your share of overtime work

The first sentence to an increase in wages is not it? The number of laid-off is outside!

27, Bill? Gates gave at a graduation ceremony of 11 graduates of the recommendations of personal hygiene may still instructive for us:

鈷?Life is not fair, get used to it!

鈷?the world does not care about your self-esteem, the world expects you to make the score first, go emphasize their feelings.

鈷?you do not have 1 million annual salary for a start, you will not soon be vice president has a mobile phone, both of you have to be earned by hard money.

鈷?If you think your teacher is fierce, so you get a boss to know that your boss may be even worse than the teacher, and the boss does not have tenure.

鈷?frying hamburgers in fast food restaurant is not spoil yourself, your grandfather on frying hamburgers had completely different definitions: opportunity.

鈷?If you nowhere, not your parents fault. So, do not just complain their mistakes, learn from mistakes.

鈷?before you were born, your parents do not like boring, because they become so busy to pay your overhead, wash your clothes and listening to brag about how great you are. So you were the parents of this generation to save the tropical rain forest destruction before it tidy his room.

鈷?in school there may be winners and losers in life are still premature. Schools may continue to give you the opportunity to get the right answer in real life are completely not the case.

鈷?Life is not a semester system, life without summer vacation. No employer will help you find self-interest, please use your own to do it for free.

鈷?on the TV is not real life. Real life is that everyone leave the coffee shop to work.

鈷?better on the nerd, your future is likely to work for one.

28, Yao Ming Quotations

- "My height on there, I just better to use this tool, just like you have a computer Bensi not go with the Pentium II, and I stood 2 meters height advantage of not more than use, that it not be too boring, too wasted. "

Asked Yao Ming's success today is not because you have a height of absolute advantage?

- "When young people can be assertive, because young men are not afraid to make mistakes, there is the chance to do wrong. Old and on No, wrong is wrong, no chance." Yao Ming has a rating with the Los Angeles Lakers who are appropriate

- "I do not care how high the starting point, the most important thing is to end."

When a reporter asked about Yao Ming is not afraid to be new victims over time

- "This is the game, as in life, nothing can be expected if."

Yao lost the game

- "Because the big thing in basketball than golf! I am very fortunate to get the job."

Degree of media attention over the Tiger Woods to explain his

- "I know there are two kinds of people kind of person from start to finish, believe me, they think I played a bad game just fragments of it are; a person from beginning to end do not believe me, they think I played a good game just that fragment of it there is always a period of time, I make sure I meet the people; also have some time, I can not do well, then try again I have 0 points 2 rebounds from coming out too, even again what? "

Yao Ming will be the collapse of the spring for the answer

- "I really have nothing to say basketball is not a campaign carried out with the mouth, it requires you take actions to prove."

After several low competition

- "I do not expect people in the NBA to give me respect, respect is won by strength, not someone else's."

Under pressure in the media

- "In China there is a saying, the first mixing a Lianshu anyway."

2002/8/18 humorous response to a reporter in Vancouver

- "If he does not vote for me, I could be the most troublesome enemy of him."

2002 / 4, Q Yao Ming, general manager of the Knicks, a team general manager, said why should vote for him

- "There are many things in this world unique, such as success and love."

CBA championship in 2001 after obtaining told reporters.


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How to prevent closure of factory promotions?

Karrie wine market operations in which, often used to buy gifts in the form of product delivery to sales channels and end-consumer driven, but the manufacturers in the use and distribution of gifts in the process, they often face the embarrassment of the loss of promotional items unwarranted: the distribution with the promotional products distributor is not being sold as commodities, that is, when the promoters issued promotional gifts at the end unprincipled, arbitrary too, often there are many products, but promotional items have been "low case overturned," the.

So, Karrie wine is how to avoid the loss of promotional items such unprovoked "good steel blade on less than" a situation?

Tracing the source, cut the stretch "gifts" of the "black hand"

To make effective use of gifts, Karrie wine company was the first investigation was conducted thoroughly, in order to explore the root causes, right medicine. After feedback from operational staff, visit the second installment of marketing and prices, etc. Information, Karrie company is not in place to find gifts paid two reasons:

1, dealer market operations unprofitable. Karrie wine liquor company agent system one of the eight wines in the market operation has been 5 years, because of its best-selling and other reasons, changing commodity prices, "Goof" serious, to 500ML 3-year aging, for example, ex-factory price of 10 yuan / bottles of product, equivalent to business sent batches to 9 yuan / bottle, because of this price "Upside Down", leading dealer profit, in no way the case, the dealer is only another way, by the sale of promotional the form of goods, to obtain their reasonable profit margins.

2, distributors and promoters too Menthods improper operation, resulting in the loss of gifts. "Relentless interest" is the dealer for the most essential needs of business, as promotional items delivered to the dealer, no salesman supervision, promoters issued arbitrarily, without detailed records, and no one asked to use effects, causing dealers For gifts to sell the land sale can not be sold, so promoters look fat, not enough anyway, you can apply, and so on gifts using the unplanned result, flow of non-tracking, so take advantage of distributors and promoters, therefore can not play cause the loss of the effectiveness of gifts, also surprised by.

For the above two points, Karrie wine company, apart from reasonable to set channel profits, avoid first causes the loss of gifts, the decision there is more for the second reason, various measures, decisive offensive, cruel Stop harming gift of "black hands."

1, development of gifts management system. Implementation of the one-stop-style tracking management system of accountability. That is clear, where the release of the gifts, certainly, "there is out there into, and out of line", which links all caused by the lack of, from which a link is responsible for compensation, in addition, the design forms a strictly premium payment process, the form includes: Premium payment number, the number of gift wear, gift take the gift standards, gifts Consuming details, signature gift recipients, gift recipients phone, address, company from time to time, uncertain person telephone interviews and inspections. Who can not be issued and used by processes, integral part of the party responsible for the release of gifts and distributor sales also strictly linked to improper use of any gift, the company will strictly control the premiums paid in the amount of the market.

2, development of a single gift for publicity, public supervision of the hotline, to improve the transparency of premium payment. Gifts are generally held in the product or new product promotion activities, the use of. To make gifts, "revealed to the world", in the event or new product promotion, the Garley company led by the salesman, marketing design and printing of promotional leaflets in large numbers, and 11 distributed to the various batches and the sale of the terminal. Leaflets content column defines the number of boxes purchased liquor, what gift promotional items, followed by the promotional activities with a company monitoring the hotline, and explain where to report sales or gifts closure given certain incentives, etc., so that the activities under the supervision of all of us in public.

3, training promoters, guide and strengthen the operational specifications. Many promoters held in a hotel or store promotions take the gifts, free tasting and other activities, due to lack of communication skills, adaptability is not strong, are often faced with demanding customers or consumers, can not be clever, "rejected" or guide, such as Some consumers buy a box of wine, have been provided by activity, can only release a promotional items, Keren has Zhanxiaopianyi psychological, they want to be a gift, promoters in order not to lose face customers often spared, illegal multiple promotional items, for this phenomenon, Karrie promoters of the company to strengthen on-site training management, in addition to explicitly apply for promotional products, release processes and management systems, but also more to their training skills such as communication, refusal of art, guidance and persuasion skills, etc., by standardizing operations, and strengthen their business sense to avoid unnecessary promotional expenses.

Karrie wine company is through this "disease" from the "source" to find the way, dig the root causes of the loss of gifts, and "The can act" not only to develop and clear the gifts management system, but also for the payment of gifts Terminal - Promoters, pay close attention to training, quantitative process and norms, a good gift to avoid the loss of difficulties, as the activation of the market, stimulating the terminal, laid a good foundation.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Listing: rational public relations and marketing operations

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) of the core idea of "marketing is to spread", this business management more and more accepted by the marketing profession. Today, advertising is no longer the only communication tool, and even some experts believe that advertising has "twilight." PR is challenging the advertising communication, advertising and even spread beyond the dissemination of playing a unique advantage. Many enterprises in the marketing of new products face the problem of insufficient operating funds, no funds ability to start the market through advertising, public relations and marketing at this time may be effective, low-cost start the market and detonated the operation of market opportunities. PR is the business of audio speakers and the core interests of the point can be vividly demonstrated products that can run through the whole process of product marketing, and is not just new products. Of course, public relations and marketing is not without weaknesses, as compared with the advertising communication, public relations and marketing communication with target customers are looks a little simple and obvious, the breadth of information exposure, depth may not be as advertising, sales promotion activities of communication. New product marketing needs to be done point, line, surface, so a new listing to do a good job must be rational understanding the role of public relations and marketing, and learn other healthy integration of communication tools, or success may be partial, temporary, one-sided.

PR advantage

New listing on the operation, the marketing and advertising, sales promotion and other marketing strategies compared to public relations and marketing has many unique advantages:

To realize a low-cost communication. A few million can be achieved to be well-known product known time? Certainly, public relations and marketing can do, while other forms of communication may not be done. In fact, many event marketing companies who have created a spread of success, such as "Mister drinking paint", "Drawing a whisper and P & G Da Lei" and so on.

Second, communication is easy to accept. PR communication is soft and not as forced as strong communication and advertising. Whether it is event marketing, information marketing, or large-scale event planning, all have this feature.

Third, create a good relationship with the environment. New products listed on stage is the ability to respond to changing market conditions and the most vulnerable stage of new product at this stage will often lead to extreme attention of competitors, or even crush together. Public relations and marketing can be carried out with a variety of social forces (such as government, industry associations, the media, experts, consumers and even competitors) to establish a good relationship, have a good growing environment.

4, low-cost start the market. If enterprises do not have financial capacity through advertising and other promotional strategies to new product "push" to the market, the public relations strategy of word of mouth marketing (or oral-style marketing) can achieve this goal, as long as the terminal to establish communication system, professional counseling, Shopping guide, word of mouth marketing personnel, and then follow-up communication from the consumer, Taiji Group Bushenyishou capsule production is through word of mouth marketing start the market.

The field of public relations role

For new products, public relations and marketing for the new listing can play what role?

First, the product investment. At this stage, the Forum is playing an extremely important role in marketing. Conference Marketing Act, also known as marketing seminar or forum marketing, is the listing of manufacturers for the new investment, to carry out large-scale seminars, forums will explain the summit or large investment to play a demonstration product description, product display publicly, the role of dealer training .

Second, sales momentum. The need to create a marketing idea? Need! To know that consumers have herd consumer psychology, such as "buy do not buy more than less", "do not buy or buy up" and therefore create tight, Strong Sales of representation is essential, and this can be done through public relations strategies.

Third, an occasion to marketing. New listing, digging their own resources while it can also use the resources of competitors? Of course! "Ueda T theory" to support an important occasion to marketing theory, the principle is to use two things, the disparity between the sex difference, with one of the things that influence to achieve their goals. In fact, Mengniu products listing process in operation by the Erie's potential to be good at Erie itself and tied up to the market for sale, such as "learning to Erie", "Inner Mongolia milk all together to create" other.

4, and the image. The need to let the product of a target consumer groups came to have a good impression on the enterprise? Of course, necessary. Or sponsoring charitable activities through developing social marketing, is a "short-term investment" is a "long-term investment." Marketing through social welfare, to establish a corporate image, it is easy for the new product into the market environment to create a good opportunity, this is the beauty of relationship marketing.

5, brand building. Brand new product may not be done, but do the brand is a long-term career, can play a good brand to extend the product life cycle role. Public relations and marketing communication coverage using its powerful force can significantly enhance the brand awareness, trust and reputation, which is the basis for the formation of brand loyalty, create brand is one of the basic operational tools.

6, to save the crisis. Even prior to the listing of new products after several tests, product quality possible problems or defects, and competitors of the rumors are all Kenengdaozhi enterprises are facing a management crisis at a time taken the public relations activities could defuse the crisis, and even business Huo Shi Jie Zhu crisis brand image can be improved, this is a real problem.

PR Operation Practice

Public relations and marketing operation is a "systems engineering", systematic listing of the operation reflected in the new process, according to different stages of market development, public relations should develop different strategies and different market situation, according to public relations to develop different coping strategies, and to form a public relations plan, and ensure that the scheme has good enforceable.

An established organization. May not be necessary to establish a public relations company, but this function must have. The operation may have just set up new small and medium enterprises, which can be centralized to the business planning department or marketing department, the exercise of public relations and marketing functions.

Second, carry out public relations survey. PR survey to study the PR environment, such as business environment, natural environment, social environment, market environment, more attention should be paid competitive product research and business SWOT analysis, which is the basis for developing public relations plan, which will determine the feasibility of public relations planning, whether established whether the basis of specific and practical results.

Third, to develop public relations plans. PR scheme is the listing of new products, the components in the marketing plan, public relations activities to specific purpose, time, location, content, responsible departments, with departments, public relations and other aspects of the budget. Needs to be emphasized is that a crisis response plan should be developed to promote the digestion process of listing new crisis may be encountered.

Fourth, the establishment of the implementation of monitoring. Public relations program is the basis of the success of protection is more important is to look at implementation. For the implementation of guaranteed, it must have a complete implementation of the system of enforcement of public relations, to be enforced not on track but also has flexibility.

5, for public relations evaluation. Measurement and assessment of public relations and marketing to target achievement, including sales objectives, communication objectives of the completion and results of activities to do.

Sixth, the establishment of public relations files. This is a basic work must be done to establish files and archives, public relations work for the future reserves of information.

PR Wrong Operation

The subtleties of public relations and marketing is that target audience's awareness of public relations behavior of enterprises less, dissemination and communication of such rejection less information would be relatively easy to accept, of course, this is propaganda disguised public relations behavior that a characteristic decision, public relations and marketing could also be effective. But the company public relations people have to face such a reality, due to increasingly rational consumer behavior and maturity, commercial advertising behavior of enterprises growing ability to distinguish, in this case the target audience will have a "propaganda immunity "Of course, including" public relations immunity "will naturally affect the effectiveness of public relations and marketing, because consumers will always have selective acceptance and implementation of communication and the ability to communicate and right. Therefore, public relations and marketing must be able to search for "innovation" and not always sing the "old tune." Of course, those who fall in the conventional public relations activities on the new listing will also play a role, but the role may be very weak, even cause the target audience's hatred, it also increases the risk of public relations and marketing operations. In fact, the new public relations and marketing operations should be listed to avoid the following errors:

An over-zealous hype. "Out of stock! Out of stock! ... ... Love for the return of consumers, limited market new products, limited number available on all flights." This is certainly not unrealistic, but the new reality of "out of stock" hype wind. Many companies have this hype their new product, consumers now believe the strategy will certainly be insensitive to such speculation. Many public relations and corporate pursuit of media speculation, and even the media information (text and dynamic soft news) as a measure of the release amount of key indicators of success or failure of public relations activities, in fact, this is a big mistake, to note that the media misrepresentation, mistake Communication and ineffective communication (such as the mentioned products only, not to mention corporate and brand) a large number of existing fact.

Second, obsessed create a sensational effect. New listing in the operation of public relations, many companies mandate of the Public Relations person will have a request: "Ideas to surprising effect to stir sales better." In fact, a great sensation, not a sufficient condition for the new products sell well, too far from the necessary conditions. Sensation occurs only help to enhance product awareness, but also conducive to brand building, sales will not have a direct relationship between sales promotion, because PR itself has two functions: to create the image and drive sales, but not necessarily in the promotion of sales advertising, sales promotion activities and more direct, more immediate.

Third, excessive deification of PR role. Although we see the power of public relations and marketing, public relations, after all, only a monotonous, but the marketing communication tools, the market also need to integrate the maintenance of other marketing communication tools, marketing or public relations will probably suffer the shackles of power. Take the brand, the PR alone may only make the brand even better, but not enough to build and maintain the brand. It is also regrettable that many public relations people, many businesses want to PR was "small input and large output", while ignoring other aspects of the investment, many public relations operation is flashing the moment, it was the product marketing trick to cover up , so enterprises must completely abandon relying solely on public relations victory that left to chance. In addition, the public relations activities with the needs of advertising, public relations activities that are more effective.

Fourth, public relations and marketing, "short-sighted patients." David • Ogilvy Advertising Godfather said: "Every time advertising is the accumulation of the brand", in fact, public relations activities are just like this. For new products, public relations and marketing to serve to enhance product awareness, enhance corporate image, create a brand, promote product sales etc., not only for one purpose to do public relations. This requires attention when in public relations and marketing operations to maximize the effective integration of internal and external corporate resources to maximize public relations and marketing effectiveness.

5, the "old public relations" to do "new market." Many companies do public relations, public relations still remain in the original stage, such as new market is always used to hold press conferences, product descriptions, carry out social welfare activities, etc., but no other new moves and can not adapt to the new market situation. At the same time, let alone touch the excitement of various social forces, but can not create attention economy, public relations and also difficult to make the best effect.

6, PR is the news media. So it's easy to see public relations too narrow, resulting in over-respected news marketing. In fact, the news media is indeed a public relations point of the most basic operations, by creating products of "hot news" from all the media attention and interest, and then released by the form of soft paper, the credibility of information than the soft advertising with a more credible with publicity. Market News Marketing can only play a "warm" or "contrast" effect, public relations and marketing information marketing is a subsystem, and the main market in the new beginning to play a role.

7, doing public relations on the speculation, "celebrity." "Selling products as sold", as this does make sense. Whether real celebrities (such as the famed performing arts, business famous, celebrities, industry experts), or virtual people (such as Folk and the old stalk, queer, 6-chome) on the business of marketing does play a role, it is precisely the use of "celebrity" celebrity social awareness and create new association with the point of winning. For this reason, many companies new product has not yet officially listed (in the investment stage) will ask the spokesperson. In this regard, we should be rational to see that because "celebrities" have been widely used too "excessive", a "celebrity" may speak for a variety of products to target audiences memory fuzzy and difficult to fuzzy, and this increases the "celebrity" hype operational risk.

• David Ogilvy said "any form of advertising is playing in the sharp edge on balance", public relations and marketing is also true, is a coexistence of risks and benefits of the "double-edged sword", which kind of risk for the fledgling new terms can be fatal, this is absolutely not alarmist. Just imagine, most of the public relations activities have to be initiative to invite some media to the scene, would like to go out through the media to disseminate information, but the success of PR activities operate their own on certain risks. From another perspective, even a successful public relations plan, there may be on the business, brand or product adverse side effects. Take the well-known curator in 2001 - Qin Quanyue planned "boss drink paint" public relations activities, while the effect of media publicity hype has reached this goal, and greatly enhance product awareness, but the activities of the other side should also lead to the industry's attention: the original ready to drink paint with small animals to prove their "green", "drug-free", this is a business with the public runs counter to the behavior? Is contrary to business ethics? From a social marketing point of view, will affect the business and brand image? Volkswagen (China) Company has financed the "panda" cause, is it a "free lunch" it? Whether this is for cats to drink it paints a negative? Although the giant panda and cat, dog is not a heavyweight.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Business 2.0: "hundred-dollar laptop" will change the world

August 23, according to foreign media reports, Business 2.0 website has published an article that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology R & D laptop is going to change the world.

Laptop is aimed at developing the education market and the development of low-cost laptops, but not only benefit children in developing countries, hundred of innovative notebook also a major impact on the industry as a whole.

When you first see laptop is, the first impression it is a "children's toys." Bright green appearance, built-in handle, the rabbit ears antenna interesting, and rubber membrane keyboard. On the surface, a toy factory has the capacity to produce.

However, when picked up it, will feel the excellent work. When you open the computer, will find that has a wireless connection to the Internet. Moreover, also the composition of the local area network with other users. Even direct sunlight the screen can still clearly see the contents of the screen.

Although the laptop is in the future will continue to innovate, but its current achievements, enough to change the current design of notebook computers. It is changing the rules of the game, almost everyone in the hope that other manufacturers can also provide comparable with hundred-dollar laptop products.

It is reported that Quanta laptop is currently in mass production, expected in October this year the first batch of products delivered to users. The current cost of about 176 U.S. dollars, is expected in 2009 fell to 100 U.S. dollars.

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